Selecting the right size can be one of the trickiest steps in buying a luxury hat. Hat sizes, like shoes, sometimes vary. Of course, you will want your new Bijou Van Ness hat to fit perfectly, and we know that no two heads, just like no two individuals, are exactly alike.

To make sure you’re selecting the right size, a measuring tape is your best bet. Your new Bijou Van Ness hat will sit approximately 1/8’ above your ears, and across the middle of your forehead, so this is the space you want to measure. Hold the tape measure starting on one ear, and loop across the middle of your forehead, then circle all the way around. Make sure not to pull the tape measure too tightly, or your hat will fit tight. Be sure to account for how you would normally wear your hair under your hat – if you wear it down, measure with your hair in place. Now check the length; this is your hat size.

If you do not have a flexible measuring tape, a classic milliner technique is to use a piece of string. Circle it around your head in the same manner as you would the measuring tape, then measure the length of the string.

Finally, you can always use the tried and true method of trying on a hat you already own that fits well, and then measuring the inside band.

Once you have your measurement, simply compare to below the size guide:

Small:              22 inches
Medium:          22.5 inches
Large:              23 inches

If you happen to fall right in-between the sizes, we recommend ordering the next larger size rather than the smaller. Again, think about shoes; you’d much rather have a shoe that was a half a size larger than squeeze into something just a tad bit too small, no matter how good it looks.


Depending on the style and material of your new Bijou Van Ness hat, you may notice that as you wear it more frequently, it tends to fit more comfortably on your head. Luxury hats tend to adjust slightly with regular use.

Also, depending on the humidity and how long it has been since you last wore your Bijou Van Ness hat, you may notice that the hat feels slightly tight when you first slip it on, only to find it has settled comfortably within a short period of time.

Hats can sometimes stretch by as much as 1/8” with continued wear, but fear not; a Bijou Van Ness hat will seldom become stretched much beyond the original size just from normal wear.

To make sure you keep your hat looking and fitting as beautifully as the day you received it, you may want to take a look at our hat care guide.